So, you have a car accident what do you do first?

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Hello again to all our CSN members and thank you for joining the revolution! This is a movement revolution to bring continuity to the collision services industry but more importantly a voice, that speaks to you the consumer, promoting clarity and solidarity for the consumer and more specifically; the industry.

Autobody shops, personal injury lawyers, insurance brokers; ok so how many of us consider this dinner conversation or talk about it with friends? Most people devote more time to such mundane things as what new videos games are coming out, or the newest phone appts, or even what to eat for dinner then they ever would about all the above. So how many of us take the time to think about what they would do if they were involved in a car accident and needed all or one of the above services? No body of course, until we need one or all of them then its Oh No, Now what! Now think about all the research and effort we invest in buying a car, truck or SUV; it’s a huge investment in time and money. So why would you then just pick any repair shop to fix your car? If your injured why use the “I have a friend lottery” to choose a lawyer, and after an accident, well that’s a terrible time to find out what you’re not covered for, or your agent forgot to tell you about rental reimbursement and worse yet, how much your deductible is. Look we are all slaves to the status quo until Murphy’s law shows up then it’s a scramble to put all the pieces together. Collision Services Network eliminates all of that with our pro-active approach to nearly every issue affecting the out come of your insurance claim. Look, you can never guarantee the outcome of any circumstance but you can take steps to prepare yourself & your family to mitigate the downside and potentiate the upside so you are better positioned to act, instead of re-act to what might happen. C.S.N. helps you achieve all of that by providing & promoting education, information, knowledge and choices & providing a network of dedicated professionals who will serve and represent your interest and not the interest of the insurance company. C.S.N. understands that making an insurance claim can be a confusing and intimidating experience for most people, that’s why C.S.N. and all our network partner business’s make you feel at ease, give you the service you deserve and deliver a WOW experience.

So, you have a car accident what do you do first? Hint, it’s not to call the insurance company! Look folks the insurance company already knows what you paid for and how much they may have to pay you or any injured parties. Remember what we told you last month; the insurance company begins looking for ways to cut costs when, where & often the minute you file a claim. Your first call must be to C.S.N. or one of our affiliated auto body shops. How you report the loss sets the stage for the entire claim and can determine your overall experience and outcome. C.S.N. professionals will guide you every step of the way, advocate for you & represent you to ensure the best possible out come for you. Being involved in a car accident is a very traumatic event, completely disrupting one’s life. That’s why through C.S.N. we make the process easy, calling the insurance company, taking care of rental needs, sending the customer updates thru text or email communications, setting expectations, and providing top quality repairs & service. All our collision repair shops & affiliated business are customer centric and give a WOW experience to all our customers. Service and safety go hand in hand with C.S.N. network partners, you cannot have one with out the other.

Quick note, did you know that most car manufacturers now require collision repair shops to be certified to repair their vehicles. That’s right. This means that in some circumstances a shop will not be able to purchase parts for a vehicle if they have not met the certification requirement. If your vehicle ends up at one of these shops this could mean endless delays, longer rental car fees and extended repair times. The shops that have attained these certifications have gone thru rigorous training & on-site facilities inspections. Invested in current technologies & equipment and demonstrated required welding and repair techniques necessary for the safe repair to the manufacture’s vehicles. Some certifications are thru a 3rd party organization called Certified Assured Performance or directly thru the manufacture such as the Mercedes Benz elite certified collision program. The take away here is if you own a vehicle built by any of these companies you need to be aware of these guidelines as an economic issue and safety issue. 21st century vehicles demand 21st century collision repair shops. Most of the insurance company sponsored repair shops are not manufacturer certified, they simply do not have the working capital to invest in the training, equipment and subscription fees to do so.

Are you an Allstate insured; well I was recently informed by an Allstate adjuster that Allstate will no longer pay for transportation of your vehicle to & from the dealer for vehicle re-calibrations after the repair process? They have also stated they will no longer pay for any mark-up costs over sublet repair operations or in house operations such as vehicle scanner equipment. Allstate also has no problem installing used suspension assemblies onto your vehicle. Did your Allstate agent explain all of this when he said you were in good hands? Bottom line, Allstate’s position is these are the cost of doing business for the collision shop. The problem is all these expenses are fair & reasonable and should be included in the negotiations not passed thru to their policy holder, effectively adding to their deductible amount.

Remember folk’s knowledge & information is only power if you know what to do with it and are willing to act on it. The insurance business and claim process is all about heard mentality. Avoid the heard, run with the lions, get informed, be pro-active be part of the movement that is C.S.N.

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